2021 has picked up right where 2020 left off and the renewable world is front and center like never before. To keep pace, we’re recapping the first five guests of this year from The Green Insider while getting you ready for a new series we’re producing on ERCOT after the Great Freeze of 2021 rocked
Where does leadership factor into the Energy Transition and will there be sensible and meaningful discussion as to how renewables and fossil fuels can work together moving forward? Those are just two of the topics we cover with Bret Estep, a 15-year renewable veteran who took his talents to Tenaska Power Services Group and is
The Green Energy Revolution is in full-swing so who better to discuss it from a local and global perspective than President of Engie Energy Marketing, North America and longtime Energy Industry Executive Ken Robinson who joins The Geen Insider for our latest episode. It’s a wide-ranging and comprehensive discussion where we delve into: – The Energy
2021 is moving right along and so are we at The Green Insider as we welcome one of the premier names in the renewable energy movement – former California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO) CEO Steve Berberich. In this exceptionally informative episode, Steve, who retired last October after 15 years with CAISO, tells us what happened
As we welcome in President Joe Biden, it was only natural that we bring on someone who has experience in the public sector, which made Matt Beaton from TRC Companies and the former Massachusetts Energy Secretary the perfect guest for our third episode of 2021. In it, Matt details the challenges of working with other
Our first guest of 2021 is no stranger to the chaotic world of energy and power, but after 25 years in the brokerage world, the New Owner and CEO of EnergyWare, Jake Jacques has his sights set on the renewable energy and energy efficiency market as he and his team are poised to strike big
The New Year is finally upon us and The Green Insider is back at it getting you ready for what’s ahead in the renewable world in 2021. Mike and I also take a quick look back at some of our favorite episodes of 2020, we debut the North American Energy Markets Association  (NAEMA) News Minute,
The end of 2020 is nigh but that hasn’t stopped us at The Green Insider from finishing the year on a ROLL! Sarah Ryan from the Environmental Defense Fund drops by to talk Vehicle Electrification, EVs, Tesla, where we’re at with mid-to-large fleets and trucks going electric, Sarah’s report on Energy Poverty in Texas –
Episode 16 is here and we welcome Michael Ducker, VP of Renewables at Mitsubishi Power. Ducker tells us about the exciting Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project, the only of its kind in the world and what it means for Green Hydrogen in the Renewable Energy Puzzle. He also details the conversation that needs to be
In episode 15 of The Green Insider, Chaim Lubin, Managing Director for Lincoln International, makes his podcast debut with us and gives the audience a deep dive into the M&A solar space. A 13-year veteran who has specialized on the solar side, Lubin tells us how solar did well despite the Covid, how Government can
We’re rounding third on 2020 and it’s no different here at eRENEWABLE as we bring to you our Thanksgiving Mashup edition of The Green Insider, spotlighting the last four guests of the podcast, giving you some of the best of what they had to offer. Tim Echols – Georgia Public Service Commissioner Steve Sheppard –
The Baker’s Dozen here and it does not disappoint. CPS Energy President and CEO and San Antonio’s 2020 Woman of the Year Paula Gold-Williams drops by The Green Insider for perhaps our most important episode yet as she discusses not just her vision and plan for CPS’s continued implementation of Green Energy through the FlexiblePath,
The Dirty Dozen of Green Insider episodes is here and it’s all clean with our guest Ron Johnson, who like our founder Mike Nemer, took the plunge into the renewable world after a 24 year career in the oil and gas business. In this episode, Ron talks about what made him make the move, working
Episode 11 of The Green Insider welcomes North American Energy Markets Association (NAEMA) Executive Director to the program where he discusses taking the reins of the organization during a Pandemic, coming out of retirement, the growth of NAEMA in the last half decade, where the organization is heading and the roles renewables continue to play
The Green Insider ventures down south for the first time since we sat down with eRENEWABLE Founder and President Mike Nemer as we welcome Tim Echols from the Georgia Public Service Commission to the show. A conservative, Echols has garnered national bi-partisan support for the work he’s done bringing renewable energy to the State while
You can call it a Quasi-Special Edition episode if you will. The eMEDIA team is happy to release our first Green Insider Recap Episode as we play the best hits from the first eight episodes of the podcast. In this special recap, you’ll hear snippets from all eight guests thus far including a tease from
Episode Eight of The Green Insider is here and David Smart from BioStar Renewables came by chock full of helpful information and insight. Smart discussed the attitude of renewables in the Midwest, the evolution of Biostar, the projects they’re working on that could have a huge impact on future landfill management and dealing with regulated
In this episode Philip Gonski takes us on a discussion that dives into Carbon Neutrality, the pros and cons of going electric  and the impact Green aka Economics – has a on going Green. It’s wide-ranging conversation that you’ll no doubt enjoy on the status quo of the grid and what role fossil fuels and
Episode Six of the Green Insider Podcast is out and we were delighted to be joined by Sammy Reifer from Scale Microgrid Solutions. Reifer is the Director of Special Projects for Scale and handles everything from policy legislation initiatives to business development and is a one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to helping her home-state
In Part Two of our Three-Part Series on GridNext2020 – we sit down with Ken Donohoo from Electric Power Engineers and one of the Keynote Speakers at Gridnext on Aug. 19. Ken, a 37-year vet in the renewable space, breaks down the barriers facing renewables, the momentum the industry has seen in the last two
A very special episode of The Green Insider Podcast this time around as we launch our first special series, focusing on GridNext2020, the yearly event hosted by CleanTX. What makes the event so special this year aside from it being virtual and amid the pandemic, is that it’s the first event for the new-look CleanTX,
In Episode Three of The Green Insider, Tommy Greer, Head of Origination for EDP Renewables stops by to discuss his 12 years in the renewable industry, the evolution of wind and solar and where the market is heading, what are the challenges faced and some of the myths associated with the industry that have proven
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Episode Two of The Green Insider Podcast is here and we’re thrilled to welcome Ben Parvey, CEO of Blue Sky Power. A lawyer turned Entrepreneur, Ben dishes on making the jump into the renewable space right as the recession of 2008 was kicking off, the growth of the industry during in the company’s 12 years
Microgrid From Wikipedia A microgrid is a localized group of electricity sources and loads that normally operates connected to and synchronous with the traditional wide area synchronous grid (macrogrid), but can also disconnect to “island mode” — and function autonomously as physical or economic conditions dictate. In this way, a microgrid can effectively integrate various
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In this inaugural episode of The Green Insider Podcast, we sit down with eRENEWABLE President Mike Nemer. Here, Mike discusses the jump to the renewable sector, how the transition has gone after 40 years in the Oil and Gas business plus much more on how the pandemic has affected the industry and where things are

Introducing eRENEWABLE

HOUSTON – Going Green just got easier. AMN Advisory Services, LLC is pleased to announce the creation of eRENEWABLE, an entity developed to streamline and facilitate VPPA and PPA transactions in the renewable and sustainability sectors. eRENEWABLE brings auction technology to buyers and sellers of renewable energy, including but not limited to municipalities, corporate, industrial
No one would blame 62-year-old Mike Nemer for capping off his oil and gas career after 40 years in the industry and settling into retirement with his wife, kids and grandbabies.  But it’s those grandbabies and kids – and a chance phone call – that re-directed Nemer’s thinking. “Through my 40-year work career, I’ve always

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