We venture out west for our latest episode and sit down with Cynthia Nesser, President of the Board of Directors for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. It’s remarkable what Nesser and her team have accomplished in her two years  on the board, not to mention what they’re doing with sustainability education for kids and a tree-planting
In this week’s Power Chat, Mike and I venture over to Greentown Labs and visit with Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of Ally Energy. A 20-year veteran of the energy industry, Katie gives us a quick but detailed look into her thoughts on the Energy Transition, bringing all forms of energy together to make it
Forty episodes in and we have one of our most candid interviews yet. Kevin Doffing, former combat officer in the Army and no stranger to the oil and gas world, tells us why he’s all in on the Energy Transition here in Houston, where Oil and Gas went wrong, what Senate Bill Three could do
As Houston ramps up to stake the claim to not just Energy Capital of the World, but Energy ‘Transition’ Capital of the World, it can bank on the presence of Greentown Labs as a reason for the title. The climatech incubator opened its newest branch in Houston on Earth Day, a two-year labor of love,
In our latest episode, we sit down with Raina Hornaday from Caprock Renewables, who not only has a devout interest in renewables – essentially since birth – you’ll learn how – but she’s equally as driven to educate adults and kids alike on the emerging energy landscape here in Texas – and that’s not all
In this very special episode of The Power Chat, eRENEWABLE CEO and Founder Mike Nemer joins Intelometry Executive VP and Co-Founder Jeff Merola to announce the two companies strategic partnership moving forward. The two discuss why the move made sense now, how the process played out for both companies, what it means for each and
ESG – (Environmental, Social and Governance) is one of the early buzz terms of 2021 and trying to understand what all it pertains and its importance is vital to a company’s long-term financial health. In our latest episode of The Green Insider, Maneesh Sagar, CEO of RS Metrics, goes on a deep dive into the
In this week’s Power Chat – we bring back an Oldie but Goodie – Ms. Paula Gold-Williams, CEO and President with CPS Energy in San Antonio. In this excerpt from last year’s sitdown, Ms. Gold-Williams discusses the company’s Flexible Path initiative and a funny quip about how the name for it came about. She also
We dive into the backend on our latest episode of The Green Insider as we welcome Jeff Merola from Intelometry to the program. Intelometry, a behind-the-scenes powerhouse when it comes to the Energy Software space, has adapted and maneuvered over the last 17 years from four guys with an IT and energy trading background to
It’s the Larry Bird edition of the show – Numero 33 – and we welcome Colleen Migl to the Power Chat of the Podcast, and Ms. Migl does not disappoint. In today’s show, Migl, who is a Shareholder with the Law Firm Kilmer, Crosby and Quadros, discusses some of what’s transpired behind the scenes with
In Episode 32, we take a peek behind the curtain that is the Mergers & Acquisition space in both the energy and renewable energy sectors as we welcome Preston Ochsner from Ochsner Interests on the podcast. Preston details his eventful career route to Texas, the M&A fallout from ERCOT, what kind of reform he expects
No better way to close out the month of March and Women’s History Month than with Jane Stricker, Sr. Relationship Manger with BP. In this episode, Jane details a variety of the roles she’s had in her 20 years with BP, including her work spearheading BP’s involvement in the 2019 National Petroleum Council study on
It’s a brand new episode of The Green Insider, but we’re rolling out something new for our listeners as we debut ‘Power Chat’ – a short form version of the podcast where we get you in and out in 10 Minutes or Less. It’s the same great content with the same great guests – we
We continue to celebrate Women’s History Month here on The Green Insider as we welcome longtime energy executive and CEO Kay McCall to the program. Kay is no stranger to the renewable scene as she’s been in it for nearly 15 years, but what she was green to was starting a brand new organization –
We head out to the West Coast for Episode 28 and welcome Beth Vaughan to the program, Executive Director of the California Community Choice Association. A 20+ year veteran of the California Energy scene, Vaughan takes us through her career starting out in New Zealand and the adaptation she made traversing through state policy in
It’s the Finale of our Three-Part ERCOT Series and it does not disappoint as longtime University of Houston Professor and Energy Fellow Ed Hirs joined us and he pulled no punches in his blunt and candid assessment of the ERCOT failure. Hirs also explains the collateral damage from the disaster and shares a stark outlook
In Part Two of our ERCOT Series looking at what went wrong and what needs to happen moving forward – we welcome Evan Caron, founder of Clear Trace and HGP Storage and one of the brightest minds in renewable energy to share his thoughts. And making a return to the show, Ken Donohoo, one of
Despite the warm temperatures and running water, the fallout from the Texas Winter Storm in Mid-February that left Millions of Texans without power in and made ERCOT a household name for all the wrong reason is far from over. Power companies, financiers, policy makers and arguably the rest of the country is waiting to see
2021 has picked up right where 2020 left off and the renewable world is front and center like never before. To keep pace, we’re recapping the first five guests of this year from The Green Insider while getting you ready for a new series we’re producing on ERCOT after the Great Freeze of 2021 rocked
Where does leadership factor into the Energy Transition and will there be sensible and meaningful discussion as to how renewables and fossil fuels can work together moving forward? Those are just two of the topics we cover with Bret Estep, a 15-year renewable veteran who took his talents to Tenaska Power Services Group and is
The Green Energy Revolution is in full-swing so who better to discuss it from a local and global perspective than President of Engie Energy Marketing, North America and longtime Energy Industry Executive Ken Robinson who joins The Geen Insider for our latest episode. It’s a wide-ranging and comprehensive discussion where we delve into: – The Energy
2021 is moving right along and so are we at The Green Insider as we welcome one of the premier names in the renewable energy movement – former California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO) CEO Steve Berberich. In this exceptionally informative episode, Steve, who retired last October after 15 years with CAISO, tells us what happened
As we welcome in President Joe Biden, it was only natural that we bring on someone who has experience in the public sector, which made Matt Beaton from TRC Companies and the former Massachusetts Energy Secretary the perfect guest for our third episode of 2021. In it, Matt details the challenges of working with other
Our first guest of 2021 is no stranger to the chaotic world of energy and power, but after 25 years in the brokerage world, the New Owner and CEO of EnergyWare, Jake Jacques has his sights set on the renewable energy and energy efficiency market as he and his team are poised to strike big
The New Year is finally upon us and The Green Insider is back at it getting you ready for what’s ahead in the renewable world in 2021. Mike and I also take a quick look back at some of our favorite episodes of 2020, we debut the North American Energy Markets Association  (NAEMA) News Minute,
The end of 2020 is nigh but that hasn’t stopped us at The Green Insider from finishing the year on a ROLL! Sarah Ryan from the Environmental Defense Fund drops by to talk Vehicle Electrification, EVs, Tesla, where we’re at with mid-to-large fleets and trucks going electric, Sarah’s report on Energy Poverty in Texas –
Episode 16 is here and we welcome Michael Ducker, VP of Renewables at Mitsubishi Power. Ducker tells us about the exciting Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project, the only of its kind in the world and what it means for Green Hydrogen in the Renewable Energy Puzzle. He also details the conversation that needs to be
In episode 15 of The Green Insider, Chaim Lubin, Managing Director for Lincoln International, makes his podcast debut with us and gives the audience a deep dive into the M&A solar space. A 13-year veteran who has specialized on the solar side, Lubin tells us how solar did well despite the Covid, how Government can
We’re rounding third on 2020 and it’s no different here at eRENEWABLE as we bring to you our Thanksgiving Mashup edition of The Green Insider, spotlighting the last four guests of the podcast, giving you some of the best of what they had to offer. Tim Echols – Georgia Public Service Commissioner Steve Sheppard –
The Baker’s Dozen here and it does not disappoint. CPS Energy President and CEO and San Antonio’s 2020 Woman of the Year Paula Gold-Williams drops by The Green Insider for perhaps our most important episode yet as she discusses not just her vision and plan for CPS’s continued implementation of Green Energy through the FlexiblePath,

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