We take a gander into the Events World as we welcome a veteran of the industry, Howard Walper, to discuss his career in the space and to preview his company, Alpha Insight, and their first event sine the pandemic started – the 2021 Energy Trading Risk Summit USA here in Houston on Nov. 3-5. It’s
Part Two of our iSun Special is on President Daniel Dus, a veteran of the Solar industry who has both the pelts on the wall and an extensive track record of being one of the most successful utility scale solar executives in the industry. We discuss what got him into solar – and perhaps more
We take a special two-part approach to our latest episodes as we chat with the 1-2 punch of iSun, Jeffrey Peck and Daniel Dus. In this episode, we chat with Mr. Peck about going from a local electrical contractor in Vermont to an American renewable energy leader; why he’s always on the lookout for top-tier
We take a trip to the digital side of The Energy Transition and welcome Sean Guerre to the program. A grizzled vet of the woebegone print era of Oil and Gas publications, Sean jumped headfirst into the digital content space and started Innovate Energy five years ago and has since created a go-to media hub
From the Texans Oilfields to the New York Stock Exchange and a slew of successes in between, John Berger has been a force in the renewable industry and he has no plans of slowing down as CEO of one of the leading residential solar companies in the United States – Sunnova Energy. And he and
In today’s episode we take time out to talk to one of our colleagues in the Renewable Podcasting space – Tim Montague. In it, Tim touches on how he got into podcasting, renewable energy and what he and his firm are doing to promote the Energy Transition in Illinois.
One of our best friends of the program – Ben Parvey – makes his third and perhaps most important trip to the show as he discusses his company’s latest product – Ohm Grid – which will finally let folks get off the grid and use 100 percent renewable power – generated in their own backyard!
In this Special Episode, NAEMA Executive Director Steve Sheppard shares the status update on the organization’s upcoming Fall Conference in Philadelphia.
We venture across the Pond for our latest episode and welcome a veteran of the energy industry, Mr. Richard Lum, to the program. As a founding member of Victory Hill Capital, Lum and his team have created one of the more aggressive and dynamic investment groups in the world focusing on sustainable projects around the
It’s a Special Edition of the Power Chat as eRENEWABLE’s CEO and Founder Mike Nemer sits down with friend of the program and Sr. VP of BioStar Renewables, David Smart to discuss the first project collaboration between the two companies. The project is located in Norman, Oklahoma and is the inaugural project for eRENEWABLE.
We welcome Preston back to the show for a quick Summer update on ERCOT, proposed changes to the Texas Power Markets, what’s the latest with winterization efforts after the February freeze and finally, what’s in store for Preston and his team the last 4.5 months of 2021.
It’s a Power Chat type of Conversation on this week’s episode when we welcome longtime reporter Shelby Webb to the program. A veteran of education reporting, Shelby tells us what’s it’s been like covering the Energy Transition for a brand new beat and the challenges that come with learning an entirely new lexicon! Plus she
A 30-year veteran of the Renewable energy space, Susanna Kass has seen a lot from Data Center creation to her early work with PPA and VPPAs. In this episode, Kass details those experiences, while also sharing the importance of carbon emissions and why total electrification is not necessary. It’s a fascinating sit-down with a respected
Brett Perlman covers quite the gamut in our latest episode as the former PUC (Public Utility Commissioner) for the state of Texas discusses from a PUC role, what could and should’ve been done differently following the ERCOT Grid freeze in February, and what he sees happening moving forward with the Grid. As CEO of Center
Hard to believe, but The Green Insider Podcast turns One Year this Month and no better way to celebrate than by mashing up our six most downloaded episodes to date. We’ve had some of the best guests in the renewable space and a ton of hard work has gone in to making this podcast one
The Green Insider podcast rolls along and this week Mark Goodwin shares the work he and his team over at Apex Clean Energy are doing as one of the premier clean energy companies in the world. From the brand new, sustainably-built Apex Plaza, to what Apex is doing to improve transaction capabilities and their continued
FIFTY! Not many podcasts make it this far and we’re excited here at eRENEWABLE and The Green Insider to mark our 50th episode with friend of the program Steve Sheppard, Exec. Director of NAEMA (North American Energy Markets Association) – announcing his retirement – for the third time! In this Power Chat, Steve talks about
There isn’t much Charles ‘Chuck’ McConnell hasn’t seen in his 35 years in the Energy Industry, which makes this one of the more fascinating interviews we’ve done at The Green Insider. The Executive Director at the Center for Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability for the University of Houston, McConnell goes in-depth as only he can
For some, the title ‘Queen of Garbage’ may not be all that flattering, but for Anita Nouri, not only does she wear that title, but she wears it proudly as the undisputed Queen of Garbage in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) Region. For more than a decade now, Anita has run Green Energy Solutions
We venture back out to the Golden State and visit with long-time solar and renewable businessman and advocate Mohammad Alrai, President and Head of Development at RAI Energy. A 20-year veteran of the industry, Alrai has done solar deals both domestically and internationally, but he and his team at RAI have their sights set on
We continue with our educational trend in this episode, sitting down with Katie Ginsberg, Founder of the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation. It’s an incredible story as to how Katie came up with the idea for CELF, the work that went into creating it and what her and her team have done for the last 18
No better way to end  the week than with  a Power Chat with an amazing young entrepreneur. Anna Dai is changing the way buildings get efficient and is trying to overhaul an aging sector of commercial  and industrial sectors with her company – Varea Energy. As part of our continued Green Insider at Green Town
We take a trip to the Retail Electric side of the world in this episode and sit down with Jesson Bradshaw, CEO and Founder of Energy Ogre. For a monthly fee, Bradshaw and his team help their customers get the lowest REP rate available. It’s something Bradshaw knew there was a market for, and now
This week’s Power Chat features up-and-coming renewable entrepreneur Antonio Dixon, whose Solar-Fi is looking to change two fundamental ways of life on two continents with his sustainable pods. Think We-Work Meets Mother Nature. It’s a fascinating concept that he and his team created for the US Market while bringing much needed modern-day resources to Africa
We venture out west for our latest episode and sit down with Cynthia Nesser, President of the Board of Directors for the Arizona Sustainability Alliance. It’s remarkable what Nesser and her team have accomplished in her two years  on the board, not to mention what they’re doing with sustainability education for kids and a tree-planting
In this week’s Power Chat, Mike and I venture over to Greentown Labs and visit with Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of Ally Energy. A 20-year veteran of the energy industry, Katie gives us a quick but detailed look into her thoughts on the Energy Transition, bringing all forms of energy together to make it
Forty episodes in and we have one of our most candid interviews yet. Kevin Doffing, former combat officer in the Army and no stranger to the oil and gas world, tells us why he’s all in on the Energy Transition here in Houston, where Oil and Gas went wrong, what Senate Bill Three could do
As Houston ramps up to stake the claim to not just Energy Capital of the World, but Energy ‘Transition’ Capital of the World, it can bank on the presence of Greentown Labs as a reason for the title. The climatech incubator opened its newest branch in Houston on Earth Day, a two-year labor of love,
In our latest episode, we sit down with Raina Hornaday from Caprock Renewables, who not only has a devout interest in renewables – essentially since birth – you’ll learn how – but she’s equally as driven to educate adults and kids alike on the emerging energy landscape here in Texas – and that’s not all
In this very special episode of The Power Chat, eRENEWABLE CEO and Founder Mike Nemer joins Intelometry Executive VP and Co-Founder Jeff Merola to announce the two companies strategic partnership moving forward. The two discuss why the move made sense now, how the process played out for both companies, what it means for each and

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