Ask and Ye Shall Receive. When we had fun with our latest bit on LinkedIn, we were stuck on 999 followers for our eRENEWABLE and The Green Insider page on LinkedIn – so we said whoever became the 1000th follower – would get a shoutout. Not only did Alexander Vining from Carter Maddox answer the
In the first NNM of 2022, NAEMA’s new Executive Director Mr. Tim Berrigan makes his NNM Debut, welcoming new member cQuant i.o. to the NAEMA Community. Berrigan also shares an update on the upcoming NAEMA Conference in April. Don’t forget you can get all of the NNM info over at and check out their
Let’s talk Battery and Energy Storage. It’s a topic we haven’t delved much into on The Green Insider but we do it in a big way with CEO of Fractal EMS, Daniel Crotzer. The former Navy man gives us an education on all things Energy Storage and breaks down both common misconceptions about the field,
We kick off the new year in style with long-time energy journalist Loren Steffy talking about his most recent article in Forbes and whether or not NetZero is realistic or really a front for companies. We also discuss what it’ll take for both renewables and fossil fuel companies to come together – or better yet
Mike and Fred are back! After closing out a tremendous 2021 both in the podcast space and with eRENEWABLE, Fred and Mike discuss the year that was for the podcast, including producing 60 episodes for the year! Mike also delves into the successful year for eRENEWABLE and what is in store for 2022. It’s a
In the Final NAEMA (North American Markets Association) News Minute of 2021, Steve bids adieu in his last NNM as Executive Director as you’ll see and hear Tim Berrigan in 2022 along with Deputy Director Donna Foy. Steve announces new members to NAEMA and discusses the virtual presentations that will take place in January.
In our penultimate episode of the year, we sit down with incoming North American Executive Director Tim Berrigan, who assumes the role held by outgoing Exec. Director Steven Sheppard, who steered the organization through the Covid pandemic the last two years. Tim, with nearly 40 years of experience in his own right, explains his leadership
We like to hear from all sides of the Energy Transition here on The Green Insider so in today’s episode we welcome Jim Mitchell, a 30-year Oil/Gas Veteran of the trading world among other roles he’s had and he brings an informed, data-driven philosophy to the show when breaking down the new renewable world we’re
In today’s episode we welcome 20-year energy veteran Daniel Hughes to the program as he tells us about two products that Constellation has rolled out that’s bringing renewable energy to its customers – giving them options that were previously unavailable. He also details how his experience in the public sector has made it easier for
As one of the best people in the energy game calls it a career – again – we at eRENEWABLE give a big thank you to outgoing NAEMA (North American Energy Markets Association) Executive Director Steve Sheppard for his generosity and collaboration with us and a big shoutout as well to Ms. Donna Foy for
A global citizen and sustainability Guru, Elizabeth Carlson is in the perfect spot as Chief Sustainability Officer at Tricon Energy. With more than a decade of experience working internationally and for powerhouse corporations, Carlson turns her attention at Tricon to creating a program for a commodity trading company in an industry that hasn’t always engaged
No one has ever accused Chris Romer of being shy. The candid and insightful CEO and Co-Founder of Project Canary is our latest guest and he breaks down a plethora of issues that affect both renewable energy and fossil fuels – but unlike most talking heads – Chris and his company are providing tangible solutions.
Can you believe the year is almost over? We’re rounding the home stretch as they say which means it’s time for our Second Annual Thanksgiving Mashup and this year we’re pretty pumped about who we’ve had on this year. We’re featuring seven great guests and snippets from their visits as we hope to provide you
In today’s episode we chat with another solar veteran who is no stranger to both the early days of renewables and where its headed today in Mr. Richard Dovere, Chief Investment Officer with EDPR NA Distributed Generation. We cover a range of topics, including Richard’s thoughts on how things aren’t drastically different with renewables now
The Green Insider and Mike Nemer made their public eRENEWABLE debuts last week at the Energy Trading Risk Summit here in Houston as Mike was a featured speaker talking all things VPPA – (Virtual Power Purchase Agreements) and The Green Insider went Man & Woman on the Street as we chatted with folks who were
In today’s episode we look at some of the Behind The Scenes action with renewable energy as we welcome longtime Environmental Scientist Dave Robau to the program to talk about climate change as a national threat and is enough being done to the grid to protect us against cyber threats – and is it prepared
On today’s show we welcome another veteran of both the fossil fuel and renewable worlds as Emily Easley joins Mike and I to discuss the challenges facing Oil and Gas companies making the move into renewables and what she and her team at Novus are doing to assist with that transition. The Hart Energy 40
While most of our podcast episodes take a deep dive into the renewable energy world with the brightest minds in the business, today we’re thrilled to announce two of those brilliant minds that you’ve heard on the podcast are now members of the eRENEWABLE team. Please take a few minutes to listen to our CEO
We take a gander into the Events World as we welcome a veteran of the industry, Howard Walper, to discuss his career in the space and to preview his company, Alpha Insight, and their first event sine the pandemic started – the 2021 Energy Trading Risk Summit USA here in Houston on Nov. 3-5. It’s
Part Two of our iSun Special is on President Daniel Dus, a veteran of the Solar industry who has both the pelts on the wall and an extensive track record of being one of the most successful utility scale solar executives in the industry. We discuss what got him into solar – and perhaps more
We take a special two-part approach to our latest episodes as we chat with the 1-2 punch of iSun, Jeffrey Peck and Daniel Dus. In this episode, we chat with Mr. Peck about going from a local electrical contractor in Vermont to an American renewable energy leader; why he’s always on the lookout for top-tier
We take a trip to the digital side of The Energy Transition and welcome Sean Guerre to the program. A grizzled vet of the woebegone print era of Oil and Gas publications, Sean jumped headfirst into the digital content space and started Innovate Energy five years ago and has since created a go-to media hub
From the Texans Oilfields to the New York Stock Exchange and a slew of successes in between, John Berger has been a force in the renewable industry and he has no plans of slowing down as CEO of one of the leading residential solar companies in the United States – Sunnova Energy. And he and
In today’s episode we take time out to talk to one of our colleagues in the Renewable Podcasting space – Tim Montague. In it, Tim touches on how he got into podcasting, renewable energy and what he and his firm are doing to promote the Energy Transition in Illinois.
One of our best friends of the program – Ben Parvey – makes his third and perhaps most important trip to the show as he discusses his company’s latest product – Ohm Grid – which will finally let folks get off the grid and use 100 percent renewable power – generated in their own backyard!
In this Special Episode, NAEMA Executive Director Steve Sheppard shares the status update on the organization’s upcoming Fall Conference in Philadelphia.
We venture across the Pond for our latest episode and welcome a veteran of the energy industry, Mr. Richard Lum, to the program. As a founding member of Victory Hill Capital, Lum and his team have created one of the more aggressive and dynamic investment groups in the world focusing on sustainable projects around the
It’s a Special Edition of the Power Chat as eRENEWABLE’s CEO and Founder Mike Nemer sits down with friend of the program and Sr. VP of BioStar Renewables, David Smart to discuss the first project collaboration between the two companies. The project is located in Norman, Oklahoma and is the inaugural project for eRENEWABLE.
We welcome Preston back to the show for a quick Summer update on ERCOT, proposed changes to the Texas Power Markets, what’s the latest with winterization efforts after the February freeze and finally, what’s in store for Preston and his team the last 4.5 months of 2021.
It’s a Power Chat type of Conversation on this week’s episode when we welcome longtime reporter Shelby Webb to the program. A veteran of education reporting, Shelby tells us what’s it’s been like covering the Energy Transition for a brand new beat and the challenges that come with learning an entirely new lexicon! Plus she

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