Can you believe the year is almost over? We’re rounding the home stretch as they say which means it’s time for our Second Annual Thanksgiving Mashup and this year we’re pretty pumped about who we’ve had on this year. We’re featuring seven great guests and snippets from their visits as we hope to provide you
In today’s episode we look at some of the Behind The Scenes action with renewable energy as we welcome longtime Environmental Scientist Dave Robau to the program to talk about climate change as a national threat and is enough being done to the grid to protect us against cyber threats – and is it prepared
We take a special two-part approach to our latest episodes as we chat with the 1-2 punch of iSun, Jeffrey Peck and Daniel Dus. In this episode, we chat with Mr. Peck about going from a local electrical contractor in Vermont to an American renewable energy leader; why he’s always on the lookout for top-tier
From the Texans Oilfields to the New York Stock Exchange and a slew of successes in between, John Berger has been a force in the renewable industry and he has no plans of slowing down as CEO of one of the leading residential solar companies in the United States – Sunnova Energy. And he and
In this Special Episode, NAEMA Executive Director Steve Sheppard shares the status update on the organization’s upcoming Fall Conference in Philadelphia.
We continue with our educational trend in this episode, sitting down with Katie Ginsberg, Founder of the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation. It’s an incredible story as to how Katie came up with the idea for CELF, the work that went into creating it and what her and her team have done for the last 18
In this very special episode of The Power Chat, eRENEWABLE CEO and Founder Mike Nemer joins Intelometry Executive VP and Co-Founder Jeff Merola to announce the two companies strategic partnership moving forward. The two discuss why the move made sense now, how the process played out for both companies, what it means for each and
We head out to the West Coast for Episode 28 and welcome Beth Vaughan to the program, Executive Director of the California Community Choice Association. A 20+ year veteran of the California Energy scene, Vaughan takes us through her career starting out in New Zealand and the adaptation she made traversing through state policy in
As we welcome in President Joe Biden, it was only natural that we bring on someone who has experience in the public sector, which made Matt Beaton from TRC Companies and the former Massachusetts Energy Secretary the perfect guest for our third episode of 2021. In it, Matt details the challenges of working with other